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Serie | 4 Condenser dryer


The Classixx with ECARF Quality Seal: rely on laundry care specially developed with allergy sufferers in mind.

  • ECARF Quality Seal: specially developed with allergy sufferers and sensitive skin in mind.
  • AntiVibration™ Design: highly stable and extremely quiet thanks to special vibration protection.
  • SensitiveDrying System: gently dries laundry to exactly the degree of dryness you want.
  • TouchControl buttons: convenient to operate thanks to the electronic control panel.
  • SoftDry drum system: soft, even drying thanks to the unique drum structure.

Fabric-friendly drying with the Sensitive Drying System.

With the Sensitive Drying System, laundry is dried by mild, warm air coming from all sides and gently mixed by the curving Soft carriers, instead of lying flat on the fabric-friendly drum structure. The result is soft laundry with no creases.

Main Features:

  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Dryer type: Condenser
  • Electronic humidity control
  • Duration of left-on mode: NO_FEATURE
  • The programme Cottons cupboard dry used at full and partial load is the standard drying programme to which the information in the label and the fiche relates, this programme is suitable for drying normal wet cotton laundry and is the most efficient programme in terms of energy consumption for cotton.
  • Noise level: 66 dB (A) re 1 pW


  • Special programmes: sportswear, 20min warm, Super 40


  • Anti crease cycle 120 min at the end of the programme
  • Touch control buttons: Start/Stop, Low Heat

Convenience & Safety:

  • DUO-Tronic
  • Active flow drying system: Big Galvalume with textile care structure, soft design paddles
  • LED programme progress indicator and service notes
  • Fully electronic control dial for sensor drying programmes, timed and special programmes
  • AntiVibration Design: More stable and silent
  • Protection filter for condensor
  • Round door, door hinge on right white
  • Door hinge: right-hand
  • Metal door closing hook



Technical Information:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 84.2 x 59.8 x 60.1 cm
  • can be built-under