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Megahome Appliances is the only official retailer of Bosch Home Appliances in Pakistan. Megahome provides all kinds of Bosch home appliances including Bosch Washing machines, Bosch Air Conditioners, Bosch Refrigerators including Bosch Kitchens Appliances, Bosch Dishwashers and Bosch Coffee Machines all under one roof.
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Mega Home Appliances is a group company of Mega Group and provides creative business solutions to clients in Middle East, CIS and North African countries. Mega Group is serving its clients since 2007 with Head Office in Dubai. Teams of expert professionals who hold several years of experience & expertise in. Home Appliances and Commodity Trade.

Around 40% of Bosch patent applications relate to environmental protection and the careful use of resources. Today, Bosch home appliances are amongst the most efficient and economical in the world. That’s good for the environment and for your wallet.

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